In the End

With this post ends the little project for Humanities Core that created this blog in the first place. Initially this blog served as my way to connect and interpret the various events that occurred in the world to the ideas and themes that were lectured to us in Humanities Core. Initially I tried to stick to that formula in an attempt to give form to my blog, but that slowly derailed, for better or worse. This final blog post was created to allow me to reflect on my time writing these posts as well as the rest of my experience in Humanities core.

As for my experience with posting in this blog, I can say that was a little mixed, but with a little bit more positivity than anything else. This blog gave me the freedom to write with my own personality under an otherwise strict, academically focused setting. Though I usually do dread being forced to write, but I can really appreciate the freedom that this blog gave me. Being able to connect current events around the world with the things we learned in the course was a new experience that pushed boundaries that I didn’t even know existed in writing. The opportunity to use pictures for a comedic effect as well as a visual supplement was pretty enjoyable. However on the flip side of things, having to find connections between course material and world news was a challenge in of itself. I’ve spent numerous hours rummaging through various news sites, articles, and other clickbait to find a solid story for my post. I do think it ended up working out, and I feel like I did a good job at it if I do say so myself. The load of work that was shoved onto the blog in the first quarter was pretty jarring at first, with me constantly scrambling to get my ideas together to meet deadlines.

The Fidel Castro post was probably the hardest I’ve ever reached for a relatable current event.

However by the second and last quarter, the workload was cut by half, which definitely helped to save my sanity at the end of the day. I can’t say the same for the blog, as I feel like my sense of commitment to it dropped considerably. In the end, I can say that the blog project was a positive experience for me as a writer.

As for the rest my experience in Humanities Core, I can probably say that it was pretty mixed as well. Lets just say I have suffered a lot, but learned even more during my time in this course. The various writing projects never failed to blow my stress levels through the roof, but at the same time also gave me vast amounts of experience as an academic writer. For example, learning to properly and effectively incorporate secondary sources in my paper was a difficult but worthwhile experience. I’ll never forget getting a C- on my first paper because I refused to change my material after reviewing it. From then on I vowed to always turn in something of high quality, rough draft or not. And so far lets just say its worked out pretty well for me.

The lecturers and their lectures were unsurprisingly, pretty mixed for me as well. Some professors presented fascinating lectures that captivated my interest and gave me new insight on themes and ideas. Those were the times where I felt I learned the most, and felt that taking this course was truly worth it. But others were for one reason or another, and to be brutally honest, failed to pique my interest and at times left my a little disappointed or even confused. At times I felt like the ideas they presented were outlandish, or weren’t articulated very well. Though I should leave some room for my own faults, as everyone has a different opinion and experience with the lectures.

And with that was just my two cents on my experience with Humanities Core this year. Oh, and the featured image also kind of sums up my experience with the course. It is a sort of visual representation of how myself and others took the plunge into the confusing but valuable experience that is Humanities Core.


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