New Quarter, New Research

Today I’ll be taking a step away from what would normally be current event blogs and instead I’ll be focusing this blog on the beginnings of my research this quarter. If you got a little tired of reading the same style of blogs well I guess this will be quite a refreshing change of pace! I’ll start by explaining my thought process behind picking my research topic.

So exactly what topic have I tentatively chosen? I have decided to focus historically on the Vietnam War for personal reasons. Being a Vietnamese American and having parents  and grandparents who were affected by this war serves as one of the major cornerstones in my interest on this topic. I have read up on this war before, but have never actually gone into much detail with my research. So why not kill two birds with one stone? I find that this research project is a perfect opportunity to really start to understand the significance of this war. It also does help plenty that I’ve always been interested in the subject of history. Even in the lectures so far in Humanities Core, the historically themed lectures were the one that piqued my interest the most. O’Toole’s lectures on the Aztecs as well as Chaturvedi’s lecture on India were the most interesting ones for me. This has often resulted in me googling historical events or figures if I ever come across something that I don’t know about. I’m sure I’m not the only person that does this but it definitely does help in broadening the range of things I know with little bits of trivia. If you ever get stuck in a game of Jeopardy, be sure to consider hitting me up sometime!

Moving on from the topic, I want to discuss my selection of possible artifacts to research. The photos from the infamous My Lai Massacre as it is known in America were the first thing from the Vietnam war to catch my attention. I’ll show one of the photos now, which might be a little graphic for some people so you know the whole “viewer/reader discretion is advised” spiel…





This is probably the darkest thing I got in this blog.

The other artifact that recently piqued my interest as well is one of the most iconic films of the late 20th century. It’s none other than Apocalypse Now.

Thankfully it wasn’t actually the apocalypse now.

In case you don’t know about the movie, it is set in the Vietnam war, in which a US soldier sent on a mission to assassinate a rogue soldier who became a sort of demi-god among the natives in the region. The movie is based on the rather famous novella Heart of Darkness, which I was conveniently forced to read during my senior year in high school! The movie provides quite a healthy amount of symbolism and themes that could use some heavy analysis. With such a famous work, there’s also bound to be other scholars that have provided some discussion on the work and it’s importance/significance.

With that ends my tentative choices to research on, but who knows, there’s always room for some switching of said artifacts.


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